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The Dragons of Kilve

‘A beautiful book, full of wisdom and very funny to read. Children will love it.’ Mrs Mad’s Book-a-Rama

On a wild, rocky shore not far from here, five dragon eggs are cracking. Mischief, fun and adventure are about to begin and the wise old Dragon Master is always at hand to help the wayward dragons.

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Foxdown Wood

This is a tale about parallel worlds – our ‘real’ world of everyday things existing in the same time and place as a magical world where an ageing king battles against evil. Yet the two aren’t separate, they intertwine and depend on each other! 

The Witch of Wookey Hole

The witch and her dog have guarded the cave for centuries. But only Dave and Maddy guessed that she was more than stone, that there really was a sad old woman behind the stories. Even so, they are amazed when the witch starts demanding food and clothes to keep her warm.

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