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Stone Keeper

 The breathtaking conclusion of the Star Dancer quartet. It is Ad 61. Widowed, pregnant and grieving, Tegen is almost ready to turn her back on her destiny as the Star Dancer who will save Britain.

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Wave Hunter

Part three of the stunning Star Dancer quartet

As she passed her hand over the mirror’s blackened surface, Étain memorized what she had scried: a young druid-girl with raven hair, but not an ordinary student of the arts who stuck rigidly to spells and potions; this one worked instinctively with raw magic plucked from the elements. She understood how to inhale the breath of inspiration, she could dream in the fires of Tir na nÓg and wield them without fear.

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Fire Dreamer

Part two of the brilliant Star Dancer quartet

‘Fire will lead you to your innermost soul and bring you out into the world again.’
Tegen, the young druid-in-training, must learn Fire Magic to battle an unnamed and deadly evil. But she is being stalked by a Shadow Walker who will lie, cheat and even murder to bring her into his thrall …

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Star Dancer

Part one of the outstanding Star Dancer quartet

A rich … shaggily textured tapestry: Daily Telegraph Family Book Club Choice

It is the end of the Iron Age. In the face of Roman invasion the druids believe a warrior-magician will appear when the stars dance.
Two children are born that night. A girl and a ‘half-head’ boy....

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