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Anelise sees crimes before they happen, but no one believes her.

Joe solves crimes. But the police don’t believe him either.

When Anelise sees a cyclist plunging into a quarry she rings 999, but when help arrives there’s no cyclist and no bike. The following week the accident happens for real. The cyclist survives, but did someone mean to kill him – and why?

Forensics-mad Joe investigates, only to discover a deadly nest of drug dealers who’ll stop at nothing to shut the cousins up.

Disbelieved is the riveting new YA action thriller from Beth Webb, author of the Star Dancer quartet. Packed with science, deceit, and too much sugar, Disbelieved will keep you guessing till the very last page.




Mary McClellan, Waterstones:

"A gripping TV-style crime-drama with a sci-fi twist… you never quite knew what psychological trick might muddy the waters next. I loved all the evidence gathering and discussion, the police-procedural-from-another-angle, and I loved how deep Joe and Annie manage to get themselves just by trying to do the right thing. Annie's ability to eat sugar and dye her hair about 20 times were fantastically unique.


The mix of simple but full characterisation, mixed with real science, history, mythology, and cultural references added an enormous depth and believable quality to the writing. The plot was invigorating and engaging - the twists and turns; the complexity of the criminal master plan; the crossed-wires and double-meanings of actions and words; and a grand final showdown. Annie's preternatural ability to see the future in weird, silent backwards echoes was really intriguing.

In short, I gobbled this up."

Jackie Law:

"The plot is well structured, fast moving and with plenty of tension as befits crime writing. The vivid portrayal of the key moments of crisis suggests this would make fine television…

Young people have long relished tales in which adults are absent or do not take them seriously and are then proved wrong. Anelise may need to hone her unusual gift, and find a way to cope with it that does not require such regular sugar hits, but I would like to see this pair further developed. They have the potential to be an alluring addition to the crime fiction canon."

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"Disbelieved is packed with science, deceit, and too much sugar; it’ll keep you guessing till the very end.’ Hope someone picks up a copy - brilliant YA thriller/crime with a touch of the supernatural..."

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4.65 stars on Goodreads:

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For older readers

ISBN: 978-1-9164599-0-8  


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