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My Illustrations

I’m particularly proud of the 30 books I've illustrated for Books Beyond Words - wordless books explaining difficult life situations to adults with learning disabilities and other language and communication problems.


Some of my books have won prizes, but that’s nothing to the day I was sitting with a young lady who told me she was a ‘non-reader’. After flicking through a pile of my books she handed them back to me with a huge smile. ‘I can read!’ she said. 


More recently, I’ve started illustrating my own books, beginning with Fleabag & The Ring Fire and Fleabag & The Fire Cat:






I also take commissions. Contact me for further details. 

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Stormy seas

In Fleabag and the Fire Cat, Cleocatra (Fleabag's daughter) sets sail with Marcus the captain of the Flora, and helps him guide the ship through crashing waves - to find even worse peril!

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